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J.D.S. Improvements

If you want to increase the attractiveness of your home with tile flooring then look no further than the expert team we have here at J.D.S. Improvements. We can provide whatever style most appeals to you, whether that be ceramic, porcelain, stone or slate.

We can provide a huge variety of tile types, colors and patterns to suit every possible taste a home owner might have. Stone floors are increasingly popular, with many people finding it particularly comfortable in the hot Arizona summer climate. 

FLooring COntractor 

We have the ability to wax and finish the floors so if you want tile or stone flooring either installed or repaired on your property then please contact J.D.S. Improvements at (928) 358-1285.

Having 20 years of experience in the industry under our belts means we can provide you with solid, professional advice if you are unsure what style you want to choose. For example if you want the hardest kind of stone floor that will give a high shine then we will recommend you have porcelain tile installed.

We also deal with a tile professional in the area, A and R Flooring, and we will always ask the customer to make the final personal selection of tiles. In that way, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all jobs, and it is important to us that you, the customer, is always happy with the work we do.

If customers are unable or find it difficult to get out of the house then we can bring the tiles to them and let them pick. There is a wide variety to choose from and customers should never feel they have to make a rushed decision.

Once the tile floors have been installed we recommend clients wait 72 hours before mopping. We suggest that, to achieve the best result, a diluted bleach solution of vinegar and water is used to clean the floors.