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J.D.S. Improvements is the first call for home or office remodeling services in Cottonwood. Our kitchen remodeling can be seen in properties from Sedona to Flagstaff and Camp Verde. We have over 20 years of experience in home improvement that increases the market value and beauty of your home or office. This ranges from bathroom remodeling to work as a tile flooring contractor.

We offer licensed and insured remodeling services at affordable rates for jobs big or small. Our bathroom remodeling brings new fixtures and porcelain tile flooring to your home. With exterior and interior painting, your remodeled bathroom will truly have an exquisite look that stands apart from the crowd. While on site, our expertise as a drywall contractor can be applied to all rooms and features repair or installation.

Bathroom and kitchen remodel

 Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

We provide remodeling services for bathroom and kitchen projects which can transform and enhance the appearance of a home. In kitchens we will install floors, cabinets, countertops and laminate and we will work with local vendors if a customer wants something special such as a marble or granite counter. Baths, custom showers, toilets, bathtubs and cabinets are all features of the bathrooms that we design and build.

Interior and Exterior Painting

At J.D.S. Improvements we use California brand paint and we can be relied upon to carry out a thoroughly professional job. Our painters always make sure the floors and carpets are covered during interior jobs to avoid any spillages. They wipe down windowsills and baseboards, clean away kitchen grease, and always tape off edges and remove fixtures. The customer is always free to pick out the color they want and we will deal with the paint shops.

painting contractor
new deck

Decks and Patios

At J.D.S. Improvements we are highly experienced at designing decks and patios for homes throughout the northern Arizona area. It does not matter of you want real wood or composites, we can install either for you, and the finished product is always waterproof. We will provide a wide variety of decking designs for the customer to choose from, and if they need a permit to comply with regulations then we will obtain that on their behalf.

Drywall Repair and Installation

The installation and repair of drywall paneling in your home is another specialty here at J.D.S. Improvements. The panels are textured and flexible and, in many cases, fire and moisture resistant. Our experienced workforce can carry out full drywall installation inside the home as well as a range of repair jobs. If your drywall has become uneven or no longer level, or if the texture has been in any way damaged, then leave it to us to fix the problem.

New drywall and drywall repair
new stone floors

Tile and Stone Flooring

At J.D.S. Improvements we will lay any type of tile or stone flooring you want, either at your home or business premises. We carry a wide range of tiles including porcelain, ceramic and stone. Porcelain tiles have the highest shine and tend to be the hardest. We deal with an expert dealer at a company called A and R Flooring and we will always ask the customer to pick out their tiles personally so 100% satisfaction is achieved.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a stunning feature in any house or officer and at J.D.S. Improvements we will advise the customer what type of wood we think will be best for their purposes. If the client has a pet then we will always recommend a harder wood. Depending on the size of the floor in the property the work can take between two days and a week to complete. We have a supplier who has a wide variety of stains and coloring to suit the needs of everyone.

hardwood floor installation
new laminate floors

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are a more affordable option than hardwood for many clients but they still look great. They are called floating floors because the boards are not glued or nailed down and there is a pad between the floor and floorboard to allow for expansion and contraction. Customers who have a laminate floor installed have to be careful to clean up moisture stains right away and not to use wet mops or a steam cleaner.