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Interior and Exterior painting in Cottonwood, Arizona

Painting Contractor

For all painting jobs, whether they are at residential or commercial premises, interior or exterior, large or small, make sure the team of professional painters at J.D.S. Improvements is your first port of call if you live anywhere near Cottonwood, Arizona.


We paint a wide variety of surfaces and are equally at home as commercial painting contractors or as residential painters. From concrete floors to the interior and exterior of houses, we will paint everything.

House painting is often a job best left to the professionals and at J.D.S. Improvements we have two decades of experience behind us.

So for the best results possible, call us today on (928) 358-1285.

We have a crew of 18 painters who are all fully qualified and highly trained and are willing and able to take on whatever job you put their way. Not only are they experts in their field but they are always courteous and customer satisfaction is top priority for them.

If we are called to carry out an interior paint job the first thing our crews will do is lay down drop cloths to protect the inside of the house. They also wear disposable booties over their shoes to prevent any mess, and they wipe down all windowsills and baseboards to ensure absolute cleanliness. 

In kitchens they will clean away any grease that has built up and they will tape off the edges and remove all the fixtures. As local painters the team can take on any type of paint job in the area, even it is a new construction property. 

At J.D.S. Improvements we recommend certain paint brands but leave the final decision up to the customer. Once the choice has been made we will deal with the paint store to save the client having to do that. There is nothing we won’t do for our customers.