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Laminate Flooring Installation and Repair in Cottonwood, Arizona

J.D.S. Improvements

At J.D.S. Improvements we are happy to lay flooring of all types on floor surfaces of any size. Our customers in and around Cottonwood, Arizona, trust us to install a wide variety of wood floors, one of the most popular of which is the synthetic product laminate.

With a long record as a professional flooring contractor behind us, our specialist technicians are happy to do the work in a single room or throughout an entire home or office building. We operate 24/7 and our employees are unfailingly polite and courteous, and provide a fast, affordable and clean service. 

Laminate floor installation

FLooring COntractor 

At J.D.S. Improvements we do what we do because we enjoy our work and that extends to the installation of all flooring, including laminate.

We have an extremely loyal customer base throughout the communities of northern Arizona and if you want to call on our expertise as flooring installation experts then call us today on (928) 358-1285.

Laminate flooring, or floating wood tile as it is otherwise known, is a synthetic floor put together with a number of tongue and groove planks. It is popularly chosen over hardwood because it is generally cheaper to install while still looking extremely attractive.

Here at J.D.S. Improvements we can handle all type of work on laminate floors, from full installation through to repair work. Customers who want a new laminate installed at their property can choose any color they want and we will get it for them. 

The reason laminate floors are called floating floors is because the boards are not glued or nailed down – there is a pad between the floor and the floorboard to allow for expansion and contraction, the so-called ‘floating’ effect. 

Once our flooring contractors have installed a laminate floor, the customer has to take great care not to allow moisture to stay on the floors. Any spills need to be cleaned up immediately and we recommend against using wet mops or steam cleaners.