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Deck and Patio Builder in Cottonwood, Arizona

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Arizona has the perfect climate for sitting outside enjoying a meal or a drink on a wooden deck or patio – and here at J.D.S. Improvements we have been providing these custom built additions to residential homes for years. In fact we have developed an excellent reputation throughout northern Arizona for the quality of our decks.

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Decks are a great feature on any home so why not contact our team of expert deck builders and patio contractors here in Cottonwood, Arizona.

We are the best in the business and you should call J.D.S. Improvements today at (928) 358-1285.

We pride ourselves on making everything as easy as possible for the client as we recognize a job like this can often be stressful for the home owner. Patio installation and deck construction often requires a job permit and we can see to all of the paperwork process to make life easier for our customers.

A wide variety of decking designs are available to meet the needs of all potential clients and we make a point of recommending to the customer how best to achieve the perfect end result. The building work will be undertaken by our teams of general contractors and handymen. 

If a client wants a deck installed, we would attach and protect a ledger to the property, then set footings and piers. After that we install post bases and side rim joists, then front rim joists, beams and interior joists. 

After all that preparatory work is done we would install the trim and the decking with the final step being to sand, stain and lacquer the wood.    

A variety of woods are available for the customer to choose. The most economical choice is pressure-treated lumber, although some customers prefer exotic imported woods, it is entirely up to the client. We provide both wood and composites.